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Our story began on Twitter: @WomenOnAirIE shares it 3rd birthday party with @smcs of @twitter

Our story began on Twitter:

@WomenOnAirIE shares it 3rd birthday party with @smcs of @twitter


Women On Air today (14 October) announced that Sinead McSweeney, Director of Public Policy Europe at Twitter, is to address its third birthday party event on the theme of "Stories Begin On Twitter".   

Caroline Erskine, chair of Women On Air, said: “We are delighted that Sinead has agreed to share her expertise. Twitter is the go-to medium for newsmakers and news gatherers.  

Indeed, Women on Air’s story began on Twitter in October 2010, so we will also be celebrating our third anniversary at this event. "  

McSweeney will outline how businesses, NGOs and other organisations around the world have used Twitter to increase their reach.  “With over 200 million active users and 500 million tweets per day Twitter is the new global town square. Organisations such as Women on Air can use the live, public and conversational aspects of Twitter to spread their message and engage with people like never before.”  

Margaret E Ward, founder of Women on Air, said: “Our campaign began on Twitter where we highlighted the lack of female voices on radio and television, particularly on influential news and current affairs programmes. The medium allowed us to increase awareness of the issue, gain members and support, publicise events and encourage radio and TV programmes to do more to find women to speak on all topics. Twitter is an extraordinary campaigning and community-building tool and Women on Air would not exist without it. Thanks @Jack.’’  

Erskine added that she would like to thank the European Commission Representation in Ireland for hosting the third birthday event at European Union House. “Thanks @eurireland.’’   Women on Air is a solutions-based organisation that has researched the barriers to female experts appearing on radio and television and sought to break them down by offering practical solutions.  

The solutions include providing producers and researchers with a list (with more than 1,000 entries) of female experts willing to go on radio and TV to share their views, opinions and experience. Women on Air has also secured training and other practical assistance from broadcasters and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to help build the skills and confidence of women who wish to go on air.      

Notes to Editors:  

About Sinead McSweeney:

Sinead is Twitter’s EMEA Director of Public Policy. She joined Twitter in 2012 from her position as director of communications for Garda Síochána, Ireland's national police service. Sinead previously worked in the same role for the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and also served as special adviser to two attorneys general, David Byrne and Michael McDowell. Twitter: @smcs  

About Women on Air:

Women on Air is a not for profit group that helps give female experts the skills, confidence and contacts to go on radio and television. It takes practical steps to help improve female representation on the airwaves. Twitter: @WomenOnAirIE  

About the Event:

Date: Wednesday 23rd October, 2013

Time:  7pm

Venue: European Union House, 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 (corner of Molesworth Street)

Booking: Tickets are sold out.  www.womenonair.ie  

Further information:   Kathleen Barrington, Communications Director, Women on Air  

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